Ever wish your car smelled fantastic… Let’s face it we all get busy and need a bit of refreshing car rejuvenation. Smelly Gellies are just that. Made in some of Making Good Scentz best selling scentz, they hang from the car mirror in a stylish simplistic design. No more car trees for you. Each of our car scents last over a month, but what we are finding is that as time goes on your nose gets less sensitive to the scent even though others can smell it just fine. Buy (2) and switch them out periodically.

Additional information

Weight .15 oz

Birthday Cake, Blackberry Cream, Brazilian Glow, Butt Naked, Clover + Aloe, Egyptian Amber, Honeysuckle, Jamaican Me Crazy, Lemon + Lavendar, Lime in the Coconut, Lovesmell, Mac Apple, Ol' Bourbon Barrel, Perfect Man, Pink Sugar, Rain, Sand In My Toes, Snuggable, Summer's Night, Sweet Pipe Tobacco, Tooty Fruity


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